About Us

Since 2002 Best Home Magazine has hosted the stylistic and material quality (glossy, thicker stock) of a national magazine. Exhibiting ‘coffee table book’ appeal that ensures it remains in homes and offices longer, Best Home exposes its readers to a custom home niche market of exciting opportunities. Best Home is published twice a year, maximizing advertising dollars through longevity and proven production standards that ensures a quality product that lasts. Well known and widely collected as a resource and style guide, Best Home further affords the type of targeted distribution that successfully reaches an affluent readership. Featuring articles on custom homes, renovations, multi-family homes, communities, and landscaping within Alberta, Best Home targets builders, architects, and upscale homeowners that capture an affluent demographic seeking retirement, investment, and vacation properties. Call us to explore how Best Home Magazine can best bring your message to a discerning customer base of both business and end users within Alberta's custom home marketplace.

Mission Statement

With a focus on aesthetic design, Best Home Magazine is dedicated to providing useful and insightful articles and information on issues to empower the home building industry. Published in a stylish and user-friendly format, it fulfills the custom niche as the region’s premiere resource guide for residential development.