Writer: Cindy Chobanik

You know what you want to say—but don’t know how to say it. You have an idea, but aren’t sure how to transform it into an article or brochure content. Of course you could write it yourself, but why take the chance when you can rely on the persuasive talents of a professional writer? 

I am the editor of Best Home Magazine. Having written nearly all of the content for the past fifteen years, my descriptive style has proven popular, contributing largely to the success of this widely known and respected custom home resource guide. With experience in writing articles, editing, press releases, web content, marketing copy, and more, I am able to help you host a professional face to your marketing needs.

As a writer for the past twenty-five years, I combine the art of the written word with attention to detail to maximize the impact of communications, unleashing the power of prose to help you produce more at higher profit margins. Partnering with myself for your writing needs further allows you the freedom to focus on other aspects of your business. 

Able to convey your expertise and unique ideas to new audiences, I can succinctly express your ideas across many mediums, providing an elevated standard of communication that is committed to your success.

I am currently accepting assignments. Reliable and able to meet challenging deadlines, please contact myself to discuss your writing needs. (403) 714-0175.